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Most knowledge facesits cruel destiny – it is forgotten only a while after it is created.
We would like to changeit a bit.
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Web in Support of Knowledge Management in Company 

ESPRIT EC Project (EU funded390k ECU)
December 1998 - June2000 

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Project Partners


Project Overview

Project objectives:  
Utilising expertise of the project partners in ITs (knowledgeengineering, Web technologies) and management, and based on needs analysisof industrial partners a conceptual framework and a generic architecturefor computational support of organisational learning will be developed.To assess this framework, organisational memories will be prototyped incollaboration with the industrial partners and assessed in naturalisticsettings.

Within this framework the IT toolset will involve thefollowing functional modules:

  • Corporate memory module - Web-based mechanism to captureand represent knowledge and information within the organisation; 
  • Tools for management of the corporate memory (update, modification,adaptation etc.);
  • Mechanism for retrieval of knowledge/information relevantto the given task;
  • A tool for management of efficient communication flows. Itwill consist of two components: 

  • a) Communication within the company, and 
    b) External communication, it means communication betweenthe company and its ‘constituency’ via Internet (support for presentationand marketing strategy). 
Key ideas:  
The corporate memory (CM) will consist of two levels. "Physical" knowledge sources (i.e. documents, databases, knowledge-bases,e-mails, etc.) will create a "Physical level". 

A "Conceptual/knowledge level" will be defined above the"Physical level". Nodes on this level will correspond to ‘concepts’ (whichwill be defined by means of ontologies) and their instances. 

Concepts will be defined, managed and updated by a managerof CM (significant part of the concepts will depend on a application domain).  

Both levels can be graphically represented as networks(entities interconnected with links).  There are two types of linkson the Conceptual level - conceptual links (defined by ontologies) and"information" links.  

Each entity on the Physical level will be linked to oneor more entities on the Conceptual level.

Retrieval engine will work on the Conceptual level andwith an information space of the given user.


  • Identified functions of the KnowWeb Tool. (Dec 1998)


There are several types of publications within the EncodeProject. The following publications are available from this site: